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Heritage Elementary School

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Physical Education

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Heritage’s Physical Education program helps children develop the physical competencies that lead to confidence and participation in physical activity for a lifetime.  Our goal is to help children find a variety of ways to enjoy being physically active so that they will be able to get all of the physical, emotional, intellectual and social benefits that come to someone who is physically active throughout his or her life.  We want all Heritage Huskies to become lifelong movers and Physically Literate!



                                   Definition of Physical Literacy

Your child will have physical education three times a week for a 30-minute period.  The program has been designed to focus on four areas that will contribute to one’s physical health and well being.


MOVEMENT CONCEPTS.  The variety of ways we move (e.g. running, skipping, hopping) changes of directions, levels, speeds, pathways and different ways to balance.  The ways we use the space around us.

SKILL THEMES.  Basic motor skills such as throwing, kicking, striking, dribbling, rhythms, and gymnastics are taught.

LEAD UP GAMES.  Games that introduce sport skills and strategies. Team building and sportsmanship are also incorporated throughout the year.

WELLNESS CONCEPTS.  These concepts are taught throughout the year.

They include fitness concepts of flexibility and strength, ways to improve cardiovascular endurance and recognition of a few large muscle groups.