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Heritage Elementary School

Mrs. Erin Heiden » Erin Heiden- 2nd grade teacher

Erin Heiden- 2nd grade teacher

Welcome! I am a 2nd grade teacher at Heritage Elementary school. This is my sixth year in the district and my fourth year teaching 2nd grade. As an educator, I believe that each and every child is capable of learning when he or she is in an environment that supports a variety of problem solving techniques, open and respectful discussion, and a genuine sense of compassion for one another. No two children are alike therefore education (and the educator) itself needs to be flexible to figure out how to ensure every child has a fair opportunity to grow and develop into lifelong learners. I am here to be that person for your child.
I am thrilled to have my students develop and create our classroom space alongside me this year! This will be much different than years in the past, but it is something we will do as a community building process. I believe my 2nd grade students this year will be true owners of their learning, and the classroom will truly be...OURS. 
My husband and I live in the village of Black Creek with our two children. We spend much of our time hanging out together in our backyard playing in the sandbox and venturing to a variety of parks in our area. With busy lives, we find great joy in simply being together as a family. I love to use my spare time for practicing hand lettering, painting, and completing DIY projects. I am proud to say I participated in my very first craft sale this year with some of my hand written and painted art. Being a mother and a creative individual I feel the skills that come with those aspects of my life are things that guide my time in the classroom and make me the imaginative and caring teacher I am today.